Once in a while we write a blog about the things that we think of. Whether it concerns interesting developments in the field of Web & Media or common language mistakes, we like to share our thoughts.

Pen pals

When you think of pen pals, you probably think of old-fashioned letter writing. At least, that’s what I thought of when I decided that I wanted a pen pal. Writing a letter by hand, putting a stamp on it, putting it in the mailbox, and then waiting until you get a...

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What a strange language

The previous blog already mentioned it shortly, but now it is unfortunately already over: vacation! Even though the summer vacation is over, there are a lot of other vacations left this year. The word vacation is derived from the Latin vacantia which means ‘free...

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Vacation With only one paper to go, the end of this study year is right around the corner. And while the end is in sight, it feels natural to look back on the first year as a student at Tilburg University. As a new board member of Kweek I can safely say that it has...

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