Tips and tricks for job interviews

At the beginning of the year, Kweek posted a blog about how to prepare for an online job interview. Now that the corona rules are being relaxed a bit and we are slowly but surely going back to the old normal, the interviews will also take place offline more often. Therefore, here are some tips and tricks for applications that will take place face-to-face! These will always come in handy when you are looking for an internship during your minor, for a nice side job or for a real ‘grown-up’ job after your master’s. 

  1. This one might be a little obvious, but know all there is to know! Both about the company you are applying for and about the position you are interested in. In addition, it is useful to look up the person you have your interview with, on LinkedIn. This name is often shared with you in advance. This way you immediately know who you have in front of you during the interview. TIP: please log out of LinkedIn before searching, so that this person is not notified of the search!
  2. Prepare your answers well! This allows you to give well-thought-out answers. Think carefully about why you insisted on approaching THIS company and why you want THIS position. Also, come up with a strong rationale for why they should specifically choose you for this position and not someone else. Clearly show what your achievements and ambition are!
  3. Anticipate questions like “What are your strongest points?” and “What is your greatest achievement?”. The answers to these questions don’t necessarily have to do with something professional or something academic! For example, tell them that you moved to another country at a young age, or that you started training for climbing against MS the same year you finished high school.
  4. Use formal titles when applying for jobs. Be sure to use words like “you”, unless otherwise requested of course.
  5. Ask questions back! You can think of questions in advance of the conversation, or ask questions that arise during the conversation itself. If you have no further questions, indicate this and say “I think you answered all my questions during the interview”.
  6. A very important one: be enthusiastic! You are selling yourself as the right person for the position and the company. If you have an anecdote related to the position or the company, don’t hold back and share it. This shows enthusiasm and shows your inner you. Be sure to be yourself! These people may soon be your colleagues, so they will find out how you are anyway.
  7. Do not worry too much. Ultimately, this interview is also intended for you to see if you are a good fit for the company and the position. Isn’t this the case after all? Then remember that there are enough fish (in this case: companies) swimming in the sea.

While most tips aren’t particularly surprising, they can always be helpful in preparation! Good luck with future job interviews!