6 easy ways to gain practical skills!

As a university student, a new academic year mostly means that we can go back to having our noses in books and theories. However, practical skills can also be of great value. For example, they look very good on your CV. Would you like to acquire more practical skills in addition to your studies? It’s easier than you think. We give you 6 tips on how you can get started right away!

1. Youtube

What’s not on YouTube these days? YouTube is also your best friend in mastering the tricks of web design. For example, check out the following channels:

You have also come to the right place at YouTube for gaining Photoshop skills. Start with the basics of photoshop, for example via this extensive video (this man also explains it in a fun way) or via Photoshop Training Channel.

2. Experiment with Canva

For years Photoshop was the graphic program that many designers used, but recently a new player has entered the market: Canva.com. With Canva you can easily design social media posts, infographics, posters, etc. We also really like using this program ourselves. Where Photoshop’s 100,000 options quickly become overwhelming, Canva is super easy to use.


3. Websites with Wix

Wix is perhaps the most user-friendly program for creating websites. Ideal for beginners! Just create a free account and discover the different options and possibilities of this program. Can’t quite figure it out? Search for your question on YouTube and you will almost certainly find your answer.


4. Write away

To learn to write better, the most important tip is: learn by doing! For example, look for a side job as a copywriter or maybe your tennis club has a newsletter or website you can write for? Besides writing a lot, there are a lot of smart tips online that can help you on your way. For example: https://writtent.com/blog/stuck-writing-35-sure-fire-copywriting-tips-tricks-pros/

5. Dive into digital marketing

You may have already come across SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine advertising) in various courses. But how this works in practice often remains unclear. Fortunately, you can follow free courses in digital marketing at Google Digital Workshop. And where better to learn how to be found in Google than at Google itself? In the course ‘Basics of online marketing’ you will learn the ins and outs of the online marketing world in about 40 hours. Certificate achieved? You will receive a certificate number that you can add nicely on LinkedIn under diplomas and certificates!


7. Work for real clients

Finally, we can’t end this blog post without giving ourselves a shout out. 😉 Did you get started with the tips? Who knows, you may be able to apply your skills in practice by doing an assignment for a real client via Kweek. Register here and keep an eye on the vacancies of Kweek in your e-mail! Don’t hesitate to apply if you don’t have that many skills yet, but are willing to learn. After all, the saying goes: ‘One learns by doing’, right?