To give you an idea of how Kweek can help you, we highlight a few assignments we are proud of:

  • The Resilience Project of University College Tilburg needed a website. From nothing at all to a beautiful end result. Students of Kweek Communicatie, like Iris, can handle this very well! Take a quick look at
  • The website of Swatech was in need of renewal. In cooperation with the client and the student we discussed what had to be done. After the website was taken care of by Julia, Swatech is very happy with the renewed website. On you can see the end result!
  • Website texts, product descriptions, blogs… Writing is something communication students really enjoy! Several texts for Instant Media websites were written by Sandra. She has had a lot of fun writing web texts!
  • Descriptions were needed for the products on the Leapp website. A number of students from Kweek have worked hard on this. Check the product descriptions on

Other satisfied clients we have worked with are:

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