Interview with a former Kweeker: Marie Roelofs

Who are you and what are you doing now?
My name is Marie Roelofs and I am currently in my third year of the Bachelor of Communication and Information Sciences. I am now writing my thesis and am also following two courses, namely: marketing in business and cultural history 3. I also did an internship at a secondary school in Tilburg as a Dutch teacher, but due to the coronavirus this is unfortunately currently at a standstill.

When were you a Kweek board member?
I was on the Kweek board of 2018/2019, in the second year of my bachelor. First, I formed a board with Lea Körber and Thirsa Stolk, but after six months Manon Rutgers and Dominique Proksch joined the board. I was project leader language & text. An incredibly nice job!

What was your main reason for joining Kweek?
My main reason for joining Kweek was the lack of practical experience within the Communication and Information Sciences program. Many students within the program are somehow engaged in gaining experience. Kweek is a perfect example of this. It gives you the opportunity to experience what it is to run your own business.

What was the first assignment worth mentioning to you?
When a larger copywriting assignment came in with a client who wanted to hire several students, it was incredibly exciting!

What is your best memory of Kweek?
My nicest memory of Kweek is getting together with the girls and next to the important meetings also catching up on the latest news. 😉

How did you experience your time at Kweek?
The time went especially fast! I remember that the change of the board was getting closer and we had the feeling that we had only started with each other for a few weeks. At times it’s hard to combine study, Kweek, side jobs and social life, but you always find a way to make it work. You really are a team, so there is always someone who can take over a task from you.

What did you learn from Kweek?
From my time at Kweek I learned that there is much more to running a business than you initially thought. I also learned that there are very creative and talented students within the CIS program. I probably never would have known that without Kweek.

Where do you hope that Kweek will be in 10 years’ time?
I hope that in 10 years time Kweek will still be there for enthusiastic CIS students who want to do something extra in addition to their studies and thus be able to further develop themselves. Furthermore, I hope that Kweek keeps up with the trends of the time in order to always be able to provide clients with the right advice.

How would you describe Kweek in one sentence?
A special, enjoyable, but above all educational experience that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss!