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A fresh and curious communication agency

Kweek Communicatie is the communication agency of Tilburg. Because we are affiliated with Tilburg University, we bring the knowledge from our lectures directly into practice. ‘Kweek’ stands for growth. Growing is what we have been doing since 2008. Four motivated students run Kweek every academic year and put their own spin on it. This year, it’s our turn:

Julia Deelman


Julia is a master’s student in Business Communication and Digital Media. After having done some cool web design assignments for Kweek, she is now part of the board of Kweek. This way, she can dedicate herself as chairperson to giving other students more practical experience in the field of communication as well. Running her own communication agency is also a good way to gain experience and skills.

Puck Witteveen

Vice chair

Puck is a master’s student in Business Communication and Digital Media. She is mainly involved in the finances behind Kweek Communicatie, such as keeping track of payments and staying in contact with the accountant when necessary. For Puck, Kweek is the perfect solution for a lack of practical experience in our study. By forming her own board in a communication agency with three other students, she learns the tricks of the trade of the marketing and communication profession.

Anouk Windt

Project Manager Web & Media

Anouk is currently in the final year of her bachelor CIW. In her studies she missed some practical experience, which is why a year at Kweek Communication was the perfect complement to her studies. As project leader web & media, she acts as the contact person between students and clients. Together with the other board members, she also takes care of all the other tasks involved in running a communication agency, the perfect preparation for the working life after her studies!

Rachel Hochstenbach

Project Manager Language & Text

Rachel is a second-year undergraduate student in Communication and Information Sciences. She is an enthusiastic girl who likes to be busy with many things at the same time. She gets her energy from social contacts and loves new challenges. Hence, a board year at Kweek Communications was perfect for her. She hopes to put her interest in social media, marketing and communication into practice as much as possible in order to make a good contribution to Kweek Communication.

The four-member board of Kweek ensures that the assignment that comes in is carried out by a suitable student. This allows the student to gain practical experience and will be able to immediately apply their knowledge from their studies. This is advantageous to you because students have the most up-to-date knowledge. By working this way, the student can gain work experience and learn a lot and the customer benefits from the soft price. Customer happy, student happy, Kweek happy!

Kweek Communicatie

We Love Coffee!

Do you have a challenge for Kweek Communicatie? Or would you like more information first? We’d love to have a cup of coffee to discuss the possibilities.

Our predecessors:

Bestuur 2019-2020: Simone van Limpt / Dominique Proksch / Manon Rutgers / Laura de Smit
Bestuur 2018-2019: Janine Naus / Lea Körber / Thirsa Stolk / Marie Roelofs
Bestuur 2017-2018: Odette van Spaandonk / Kim Konings / Lonneke van Riele / Jessica Lambregts
Bestuur 2016-2017: Laura Brands / Wessel Kouw / Julia van Veen / Nina Meeuwes
Bestuur 2015-2016: Muriel Versteeg / Lotte van de Broek / Wessel Kouw / Laura Brand
Bestuur 2014-2015: Anne Vullinghs / Muriel Versteeg / Lonneke van de Ven
Bestuur 2013-2014: Milou Remeijsen / Marlou Manders / Jesse Verheijen / Musca Nourzai
Bestuur 2012-2013: Svevo de Weert / Inez Veringa / Loes van der Pol / Milou Remeijsen
Bestuur 2011-2012: Svevo de Weert / Anouk Zwager / Nick Beljaars / Inez Veringa
Bestuur 2010-2011: Jos Rouw / Rick Smetsers / Ralph van den Broeck / Kimber Kox
Bestuur 2009-2010: Pim Nauts / Luuk Langens / Boudewijn Beks / Jos Rouw
Bestuur 2008-2009: Pim Nauts / Axelle Schmit / Boudewijn Beks / Luuk Langens / Marlotte van den Dries