Job applications online. What is important?

Job applications online. How is going nowadays?

Many things have changed in the field of job applications in the past year. For example, it is no longer self-evident to visit the office and leave the best impression there. Due to the current pandemic, we will work from home as much as possible and the interviews will also take online via the webcam. But what is different about a job application online? And what should you pay attention to? In this blog, you can read several tips on how to apply online. 

  • Choose a calm background.

 A while ago, hospitality trainer Cynthia Stoop gave a workshop on impression formation. During this workshop, she gave a tip to sit in a place with a calming background. This to have as little distraction as possible during the conversation. Also, noises surrounding the background are not pleasant to hear for the employer. Therefore, choose a place where you can hear as little noise as possible. 

  • Choose a good profile picture 

The first thing the employer sees is your profile picture. This photo influences the first impression the employer gets of you. This research shows that when you use a selfie as a profile picture, they were judged more negatively than when you use a photo taken by someone else. Selfies were rated less reliable and less socially attractive. Therefore, choose a photo that was taken by someone else and ensure a calm background in the photo. 

  • Start preparing on time

Do not start preparing 5 minutes before the conversation. Check if your camera and microphone are working. Besides, it is important to check whether you have a stable internet connection. The conversation can give an unprofessional impression if you cannot be heard properly. It is also important to not sit behind the camera in your jogging suit. Wear clothes that you would wear during a physical conversation. 

  • Practice before the conversation

Practicing before certainly does not harm you. Ask a family member or friend to practice. Let him or her give tips about how the conversation went. This helps to gain confidence for the conversation and also with the program you are doing the conversation with. An advantage of video calling is that you can always record yourself to see it again. Record the conversation and see if you have noticed things that you want to improve. 

  • Focus on the person you are talking to

When you are video calling, you can see yourself in addition to other people on the screen. During the conversation, it is important to try not to pay attention to yourself and look at the person as you would in real life. You can do this by looking directly into the camera. This makes the conversation more personal even though you are not physically together.