Stay fit during the lockdown: a few tips and tricks!

In the meantime, the gyms have been closed for a while now and as many of you probably have noticed, it is pretty hard to keep doing your home-workouts all by yourself. Not only a good physical health enhances your ‘mental fitness’, it also brings structure to your day. During this time is that something where many of you (me included) struggle with. Plan that workout into your day, preferably in the morning. This gives you a good kick start for the rest of your day! This month, Kweek is  giving you some tips to stay fit during lockdown. 

Home workouts

First, I want to refer you to the thousands of home workouts which are easily followed on YouTube. Personally, I am enthusiastic about the apartment friendly workouts from MadFit. In your student room, working out is not optimal because you probably don’t have a huge room where you can freely run around. With the apartment friendly workouts, you will do exercises which are effective, but don’t require a lot of space, and you won’t get in trouble with your neighbors below.  The exercises are without jumping or other noisy activities. 

The Spoorpark

The Spoorpark in Tilburg is something you will definitely have to check out if you like a creative workout together with friends. There are a lot of stairs where you can do all kinds of nice exercises. There also is a gravel path, which is nice to run on. Recommended: the RunKeeper app. Very handy app! For those who really don’t like running, hiking is a great alternative. Less intensive, but good for your mind! Also, in the Spoorpark you can use the volleyball fields, obstacle run and outdoor gym. Sporting outdoors with friends, fun and safe!

Staying mentally fit 

Just as important as staying physically fit is staying mentally fit, especially in a situation like the one we are in now. The Balance and Headspace apps offer a whole range of different types of meditations. Meditation is difficult for many people to just start with, but with the help of these apps you will be guided during the meditation exercises and you can gradually learn this old technique. Research shows that meditation helps you resist stress, boosts your emotional IQ, boosts creativity, and helps you focus. So, when it comes to keeping fit during lockdown, don’t forget your ‘mental fitness’!