Stay motivated and productive when you work from home

Staying motivated when you work from home can be a bit hard, which is completely normal. It is important to realize and keep in mind that it is okay not to be productive every hour of the day. Our society of today is generally focused on being productive and we live in an illusion that we are in control of things. It is important to take a step back sometimes and reflect on the situation and that we have no control over life.

It is not bad however to be productive. In this busy time of the semester it is needed to remain productive. If you’re struggling to stay productive and motivated when working from home, these tips may help.

1. Maintain your routine

Get up around the same time as you always would and get ready. Taking a (small) moment of the day to prepare yourself and getting ready can already be a mental and productive boost. This can make you feel more motivated to be productive during the day, rather than feeling the day as a pyjama chill day.

2. Create a schedule

Maintaining structure in your day is important when working from home. Sometimes you can feel a little lost in your day, which can be remedied with a schedule. With a schedule you have an overview of your day. You can work with to-do lists for example, or write down your intentions for the day. Plus, finishing things of your to-do list can already boost your motivation.

3. Clean space

A clean and neat space is a calm mind. Cleaning the area around you before you work can give you a peaceful mind while working. This also makes you less distracted by the clutter around you.

4. Set boundaries

You decide when you start and finish working and stick to this. While working, it is also important not to be disturbed by people. Set these limits so that your day doesn’t overflow with work.

5. Do things that give you peace

It is important to maintain a sense of inner peace. Don’t forget the things that give you this peace. This could be something as simple as watching a series, writing, or reading a book. Taking time for yourself can also benefit your creativity and productivity in the long run.