5 tips to boost your LinkedIn profile

The social media platform LinkedIn is one of the new social media platforms that you will have to deal with as a student. The network offers the opportunity to present yourself professionally to potential employers. Creating a profile on the online network site seems to have become a requirement to find a job. With the following tips, you can optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  • Take a business photo

The photo on your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things people will notice about your profile. Therefore, do not choose a casual photo that you would post on your Instagram and make sure you look straight into the camera. In addition to your profile photo, you can also adjust your cover photo to match your profile. This offers the possibility to change your cover photo and design it in the way where your specialties are.

  • LinkedIn stories

In addition to knowing stories from, for example, Instagram, LinkedIn also has the option to post stories. In this way, you can show your professional side. For example, do you have a blog besides your studies? Shows this on your stories! In this way, you give your network the impression of what you are doing. However, pay attention to what you post, keep it formal, and do not post too personal moments.

  • Headline

The headline on LinkedIn is the first thing the recruiter will see if they are looking for a certain skill. This line is directly below your name on your LinkedIn profile. With a header, you can show who you are and what added value you have. It is important to use words on which you want to be found.

  • Change your LinkedIn URL

If your profile is available to see for the public, you can create your URL in a few steps. Your LinkedIn URL makes it easier to share your link. Click here to follow the correct steps. However, the URL you want to have may already be occupied. You can also only edit the URL in a maximum number of times.

  • Summary about yourself

Under your LinkedIn profile, there is the possibility to write a short and concise text yourself. It is important that the first two sentences appeal and that the reader wants to continue with reading. Also, use bullet points to write down your important features. Besides that, the summary about yourself also consists of keywords. Your profile will appear higher in the search results on LinkedIn. If you need inspiration you can always search for other profiles that appear in the search results.

To conclude, there are plenty of options you can try to boost your LinkedIn profile!