How To Overcome Social Distancing Online

The Corona virus has a big impact on our daily lives. One of the most important measures taken against it is the 1,5 meters distance we should keep from each other. Unfortunately, it looks like this measure is not going to disappear anytime soon, but there is one bright side to this whole situation: social media platforms enable us, especially in times like these, to get closer to each other. 

Online heartwarming initiatives to help one another arise in large numbers. Neighbors who get the groceries for elderly, volunteering organizations who offer meals to the ones in need and students who offer to watch the children of health care workers. The two parties find each other on social media platforms. A lot of people share messages on how they can help others to which people and/or organizations in need can reply to. Actively searching for help also gets easier. Some people think it is a smaller step to ask for help via online ways rather than via offline manners. 

Social media also offers entertainment and distraction in unpleasant times like these. Musicians, DJ’s and artists go live regularly on platforms like Facebook and Instagram which allows you to feel like you are at a festival for a moment in your own living room. Besides, online challenges are really popular now. Friends and family members can tag one another and challenge each other to share funny videos or pictures. Sports facilities also use these type of challenges to motivate their members to keep on moving. Children are not forgotten during this crisis: they can go out for a bear hunt. On online platforms, families are encouraged to put a teddy bear in front of their window. All these locations are put into a map which allows children to go on a bear hunt. As you can see, there is online distraction for everyone. 

Lastly, social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and other services which support video calls make it possible to pursue a lot of our social activities, even though in a slightly different way. During a video call you can look into each other’s eyes and hear each other’s voices which is very important for a feeling of social connection. Video calls with friends, fellow students and family members is therefore always a good idea. And of course you can do more than just chatting. You can play (online) games, watch movies together or have lunch or dinner together. Isn’t that fun? One other advantage: our beloved Friday afternoon drinks can also take place in this way. Cheers to that!