New year, new board

The year 2018 is almost over and you secretly know what that means: we look back at 2018! This blog would be a bit long if we look at all the moments of the past six months, so let’s just look at the best moments. Did I really know what I started when I signed up for a board year at Kweek? (spoiler: not really). What did we do? And perhaps most importantly: what does it actually yield?

Let’s start somewhere at the beginning. You survived the applications and hear that you can do a board year at Kweek: yes! You want to get to know your board members and make a good impression. The first meeting with cookies, the first jokes, and the first moment of realization that one half of the board is photogenic, but the other half is not. One had perfect light, beautiful hair, and a good smile, but the other got an eclipse exactly at the moment of the photoshoot, a breeze that made the hair in front of the face, and needed a little more trials for the perfect picture. When looking back, this was one of the nicest moments because we did not only get to know ourselves (“wow, this angle is much better than that angle”), but we also got to know each other very well and had a good laugh!

After a few weeks, we were all used to our functions and we did overcome an important step: the fact that all four of us are technically not that strong. Our social media channels were taken care of (even Twitter!) and a nice moment was when our site became available in English (with a little help of course). It became easier and easier to come up with, and design, the ‘K of the Week’ and the first win-actions on Facebook were also a fact.

A highlight that should not be missing in this list is of course the second lustrum of Kweek! We have organized a nice evening for all old-Kweek’ers. Not only did we look at the past and could see what Kweek has achieved in the past ten years, but we also fantasized about the future. It was nice to see how everyone, after all this years, is still committed to Kweek. Together we came up with some good ideas that you will see next year!

In short, it was a pleasure to work with this board! You learn from every moment: the first Open Coffee where you make connections with start-ups, the first attempt to get a project, the first workshop, the first company visit, etc. I could have never thought in advance that I would do, and learn, so much this year when I started this board year. From Februaru, two new enthusiastic students will have the opportunity to take over this beautiful company for a year. Would you like to do a board year at Kweek? You can send your motivation and your CV to before January 7!