A place to grow (wanted: board members)

Yesterday, on November 25th, it was the 10th anniversary of Kweek Communicatie. On Friday, we had our anniversary dinner with former board members (and of course the current board members. It was a night full of memories about the past 10 years, and everyone was very interested to hear about the current success of Kweek. The group came together in Esplanade to have a delicious dinner while talking about the past, the present and the future of Kweek. Memories about teachers and courses, but especially about Kweek were exchanged while enjoying a meal and drinks. After dinner we continued our trip to the Taphuys, where the conviviality was continued. We also talked a lot about the beginning of Kweek? Who started it, when and where?

Kweek was conceived in 2008 during a study trip by Pim Nauts, Luuk Langens and Boudewijn Beks. They noticed that during their study Communication and Information Sciences, they gained little practical experience. They came up with a communication agency for and by students, with their own experience in their way of working. This was continued for 10 consecutive years by ambitious students who wanted to do something extra alongside their studies.

The timeline below shows all boards that have gone out of their way to make Kweek into a success.

If we look back at the past 10 years now, it is incredibly cool to see what students can put down next to their studies when it comes to a successful communication agency. We have been able to provide students with a job alongside their studies, informative company visits, interesting workshops or all the other things that Kweek has done for its students.

To be able to continue this, Kweek needs a new board! Are you an ambitious student looking for something extra to do besides your studies? Then apply for one of the functions that are open in February (vice-chairman & project manager Web & Media) and hopefully you can come and support us starting February 2019! Send your motivation letter and resume, before 7 January, to: info@kweekcommunicatie.nl

Hopefully you will be on the picture next year during another Kweek activity!