Interview with a former Kweeker: Laura Brands

Who are you and what are you doing now?
I’m Laura Brands, originally from Breda and currently living in Rotterdam. Since April last year I have been working for Interpolis as an Online Content Marketer. I am responsible for analyzing, identifying and optimizing the current funnels within Interpolis in order to optimize the customer journey. I also work on optimizing the content and the online customer experience in a controlled way.


When were you on the Board?
Started in 2015 as Project Manager Language & Text. Because I enjoyed it so much, I became Chairman the following year.


What was the main reason for joining Kweek?
Because the CIW study didn’t offer me enough challenges and I was curious about the world you came to work in after your study. I wanted to see how you run your own business and what that involves.


What was the first significant assignment for you?
That was together with Lotte, who was Vice-Chairman on that board. We worked for the Dementia Friendly Foundation, where we were given the opportunity to contribute ideas about the texts on the new website. A very interesting first assignment, which we brought to a successful conclusion together with Milou (the student who did the assignment).


What is your best memory of Kweek?
There are so many nice memories: the nice meetings with the board, eating burgers and brainstorming at the same time … But the best are the drinks with the old boards. There have been so many different people in the past few years. All with a different view on the world of marketing and communication. That gives you a network for the rest of your life!


How did you experience your time at Kweek?
As a great addition to my student days. If you don’t know exactly which direction you want to go in, this is a perfect way to get in touch with people who might be doing your future job.


What have you learned from Kweek?
Because you are responsible for everything within this small company, you also feel the need to organize everything neatly and to communicate well with the clients and your fellow board members. You don’t learn that during a theoretical university study, so Kweek is a perfect addition.


Where do you hope Kweek is in 10 years?
I hope it’s still the learning place it was for me.


How would you describe Kweek in 1 sentence?
An experience I wouldn’t want to have missed!


Education Bazaar-campagne van Tilburg University.