Adobe Days 2019 – Illustrator workshop 

As future communication professionals, having a visually attractive resume is a must to stand out in the creative field of communications. That is why Kweek, in collaboration with study association Flow, organized an Illustrator workshop on Tuesday April 2nd during the Adobe Days 2019. During this workshop, Lotte Bruijninckx taught enthusiastic participants how to transform a blank A4 sheet into a striking and professional resume.

Lotte started her workshop by explaining the basic settings of the program and the most important tools that would be used. Then she explained step by step how to visualize the resume and the participants joined her on their own laptops. The participants quickly gained Illustrator skills because they saw exactly what they had to do and could apply it immediately. Lotte also gave inspiration for personalizing the resumes with other colors, shapes and fonts. This ensured that in a short time not only the program became clear, but they could also take home a beautiful, personalized resume that will come in handy in their professional future.

We would like to thank Flow for the cooperation at the Adobe Days 2019 and of course Lotte for taking care of the fun and very useful workshop!