With only one paper to go, the end of this study year is right around the corner. And while the end is in sight, it feels natural to look back on the first year as a student at Tilburg University. As a new board member of Kweek I can safely say that it has been a great year.  Are you curious to read why?

Starting over in a new place is always exciting: you never know what you can expect and your mind starts wandering off. Are you going to like your fellow students (and more importantly: are they going to like you?), is the content of the course what you hoped for? Is it going to be difficult? When you talk about your course your friends and family react with ‘funny’ remarks: “communication science? Don’t you already know how to do that?” or “communication science? What are your career prospects?” All these reactions are really conducive to the growing excitement…

Looking back now on my first year of Communication- and Information science, which has flown by, I can safely say that everything turned out fine: the students are nice, the faculty is really small and there is a lot of room for individual growth and when you keep up with the work, it is definitely doable. And not to forget, the career prospects aren’t so bad after all. I have heard numerous success stories over the course of the year about alumni that practice their communication skills successfully all over the world.

So the programme is what I hoped for, what else? When I told people in my hometown that I was planning to move to Tilburg, most people answered: “Tilburg? What an ugly city.” After living here for a year, I can truly say that Tilburg is a nice city with something for everybody. Although it might seem small, I can assure you that I have still not seen everything yet. Fortunately, I still have some years to go. So for the people who say Tilburg isn’t a nice city: beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

I hope my second year will be even better than my first year. But as a new board member of Kweek I think it is going to surpass this year for sure. In the last couple of weeks, the ‘old’ board members have told me (almost) everything about the ins and outs of Kweek and they have managed to make me just as enthusiastic about the company as they are. I would also like to take this opportunity to tell Kim, Odette, Lonneke and Jessica that they should be very proud of what they have achieved in the past year. I can’t wait to pick up the baton and make Kweek even more successful than it already is at the moment. But first: vacation!