We are looking for two new board members!

Kweek is looking for two new board members for the year 2020: a Vice-Chairman and a Project Leader Web & Media. Would you like to know what you are doing as a board member of Kweek Communicatie? In this blog, Dominique and Manon talk about the core tasks of their board year.

Tasks of a Vice-Chairman

  • Responsible for the finances (budgeting, accounting, paying invoices, paying students, etc.).
  • Maintaining contact within the university and with the accountant
  • Attend weekly meetings with the board

Tasks of a Project Leader Web & Media

  • Writing vacancies and selecting students for assignments
  • Maintaining contact between clients and students
  • Drawing up quotations and invoices
  • Attend weekly meetings with the board

What do both board members do?

  • Creating content for the social media channels of Kweek Communicatie
  • Searching for new assignments
  • Attend open coffee and other networking events
  • Organizing workshops and company visits
  • Meeting with other boards

Would you like to take over our role as Vice-Chairman or Project Leader Web & Media next year? Send your CV, motivation letter and preferred position to info@kweekcommunicatie.nl before January 5, 2020.

If you have any questions about the position or about the experiences with Kweek in general, you can always send an email to web-media@kweekcommunicatie.nl and/or vicevoorzitter@kweekcommunicatie.nl.