Wix Workshop

On Friday the 14th of June, Kweek organised a Wix workshop in collaboration with Iris Tak. On this Friday afternoon Iris gave a workshop to a number of enthusiastic students who wanted to know more about Wix and how to build a website quickly and easily. Kweek took care of the snacks, drinks and a working beamer this afternoon and Iris provided all the materials for the actual workshop. Our eye glanced on Iris for giving this workshop because she had already completed a number of previous assignments for Kweek and the clients were very satisfied with the results that Iris delivered! According to Kweek, this was the perfect candidate to create a fun and educational workshop. If you follow our Social Media channels you may have seen Iris pass by with a short text about an assignment she was working on at the time.

A small group of motivated students were present this afternoon to attend the workshop. The workshop lasted about 2 hours, during which Iris went through the possibilities of building a website at a fast pace. She discussed the possibilities of different types of webpages, starting with the homepage and ending with the contact page. She also talked about the many different websites you could build, ranging from a simple personal page to a real webshop. She also explained that it is especially useful for beginners to use Wix as this program is very user friendly.

The students learned a lot of basic skills during this workshop, which they can use to practice building professional websites themselves. Kweek would like to thank Iris once again for giving the workshop and the time and effort she put into it!